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Customer Testimonials

May 2018
  • "Your team was awesome, especially Chris! He is amazing!!" - Giva S.

  • "Unbelievable crew, the most conscientious group of men we have ever sent to his property and we just think the world of Roy. You guys are what Integrity is all about." - Thomas P.

  • "Compliments to Sal and crew for great work. Great group of guys and cleaned up very well. Greatly appreciated." - Michelle F.

  • "The crew did a tremendous job. Left everything very clean and is very happy with their work." - Rosa C.

  • "Did a great job and he is very pleased with the work." - Marc F.

  • "Merrill & Team (Crews 2 & 4) arrived on time, were professional, courteous & efficient. They explained what they were going to do, answered questions thoroughly and were just all around great guys. I had a VERY good experience and would recommend and use you again." Greg H.

  • "Compliments to Crew 3 and Sergio for a great job, excellent work." - John F.

  • "Just wanted you to know how beautiful the trees look! Your crews are amazing! Hard workers, courteous, and they made the yard shine! You wouldn't know they were here—the yard is cleaned up so nice. Guy who worked on tree with cactus growing in it was so meticulous in getting just the right branches trimmed. Super job! Thanks to all." - Mary D.

  • "Very professional, prompt, and service- oriented. Will definitely use Integrity again." - Claudia S.

  • "Great experience with Andy, Austin, Joey & the entire crew. I would highly recommend." - Jarrad E.

  • "Both crews just left and you wouldn't have even known they were here, except for now the palms look great! They were courteous and efficient and nobody wasted any time." - Mary T.

  • "I wanted to give a compliment to the guys who did my work over the past few days. The trees look amazing and the guys were terrific." - Melody S.

  • "Merrill and his crew were fantastic and they did a great job!" - Dudley K.

  • "Thank you for the quality work." - Doug B.

  • "Thank you for taking care of our 'old' trees and our newer ones." - Ginnie K.

  • "The crew was amazing, they were really, really good. And the cleanup was spectacular; the best I've ever seen." - Barbara B.

  • "It was a pleasure working with you and your guys yesterday. You have a great crew, very service oriented and professional!!" - Andre K.

  • "Merrill and Anthony did a great job. Very professional. Left the yard cleaner than they found it." - Kohn F.

  • "I just wanted to let you know that we were very happy with the tree service we had. The gentlemen who trimmed our trees did an outstanding job. Thank you!" - Aimee B.

  • "Very well. From my first phone call to the completion of work today, Integrity's people impressed me with their friendliness and professionalism. Their attention to details and passion for the health of the trees was evident in their work and my discussions with the crew. Andy set up a good plan and the crew completed it with care and made sure I was OK with their work before their departure. My thanks and compliments to today's crew of David, Chris, Mike, Joey and Sergio. You are welcome back anytime." - Bob M.

  • "Everything went exactly as planned. Crew arrived on time, in uniform, set up the necessary safety barriers and proceeded to remove the tree. They finished in a timely manner and left the area as if the tree had never been there. Highly skilled and very professional every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone that needs tree service in the Valley." - Denise P.

  • "I am writing now, in late May, to report that the treatment appears to have succeeded. The canopy is mostly green -- it was half brown -- and its candles are vigorous." - Lawrence H.

  • "Integrity did an AMAZING JOB. The crew (Merrill, Alex & David) did a great job in cleaning out the dead stuff in our ficus trees and shaping them back and cutting them back away from our roof and our neighbors roof. They cleaned up all the debris and then some. I wouldn't hesitate recommending them or using them again." - Richard G.

  • "Met with Andy from Integrity about my large mesquite tree whose roots were damaging a block wall. Andy suggested an air spade and cutting of the roots and the tree would be fine. This was great to hear because we did not want to remove the tree. They also trimmed two other very large mesquite and palo verde trees. Integrity trees have been trimming our trees for the past 6 years. Every time they provide excellent service. The trees are healthy, strong and look great every year." - Jared N.

  • "The Integrity crew (Sergio, David, Josh, Valente, Chris, Mike L.) showed up on time and worked til the job was done. Our trees have never looked better. They trimmed Mesquites that hadn't been trimmed properly in the past. They now look great, along with the Palo Verde and the Thevitia trees. They left the yard cleaner than they found it. Was worth the price and I will have them back next year." - John F.

  • "Merrill, David, Alex and Anthony did a great job. They had me check their work before they left, and when I asked them to do a little more trimming of the branches close to the house, they did it with no problem. Would recommend and hire again. Thanks guys!" - Noelle S.

  • "Great job. Super Professional and knowledgeable." - Steve R.

  • "Sal, Josh and Anthony did a fantastic job!" - Shari G.

  • "Very well! The initial assessment inspired confidence in Integrity, the scheduling was pain-free, and the crew was punctual, capable, and did a great job." - Steven P.

  • "Crew #1 was fantastic! They arrived on time and were ready to go. The foreman walked me around the trees and explained what they would do and started working immediately. They were done in a little over an hour and the foreman again walked me around the trees to ask if they looked like I wanted (they did). They were very professional and very polite and they did a fantastic job cleaning up after they were done by blowing out the debris on the ground and putting back all the things (such as bird feeders) back on the trees." - Steven S.

  • "My trees needed shaping and pruning. Some of my neighbors have had their trees lose large branches, become ungainly and sometimes die because their landscapers (not arborists) don't know how to prune for the health of the tree. I only use Integrity Tree Service, even though they aren't the cheapest, because my trees are still healthy and beautiful after 18 years. The crew that came today (David C, Chris, Mike and Joey) made sure I understood and agreed with what they were going to do before they made the first cut. They made sure I approved the job after it was completed and cleaned up afterwards. They were prompt and polite and a lot of fun to talk to. I won't let anyone else touch my trees." - Cathy R.

  • "The tree stumps were ground to sawdust and workers Mathew and Joey were very prompt and professional. I will definitely use Integrity again!" - Claudia S.

  • "Time to quote was a little long, but pricing very competitive. Services however were scheduled very quickly after the quote was done. Both services performed on time on a very large eucalyptus tree. The trimming crew (David, Chris, Mike S, Mike) showed up on time, explained the work, and cleaned up great after the job. The growth regulator was applied on a separate appointment. Eric explained the work and took care of everything in an efficient manner, including a quick explanation regarding things he saw during the application process. Would definitely use again." - Kedar K.

  • "Wil W and AJ D were prompt, efficient, neat and professional. All went extremely well." - Marie W.

  • "I am writing this letter to tell you how impressed I am with your company and staff and the service they provided. From Andy, who spent a generous amount of time explaining what was necessary to treat and trim my 40 foot mesquite tree, to the crew that did the trimming and treating and clean up, to the office staff who communicated well, and follow-up and followed-thru in a timely fashion. A very efficient operation from beginning to end. In spite of the tree losing a major limb, the tree remains stately and graceful and beautiful. No one would even be aware it just had a major haircut! Thank you all for your talent and passion and doing your jobs so well." - Helen E.

March 2018
  • "The crew did an outstanding job!" - Maureen P.

  • "I am very pleased with Andy and Crew 4. They were very eager to answer questions and taught me about my trees." - Gaylynn R

  • "The crew was just excellent today. They were in and out and did a fantastic job." - Abby W

  • "Thank you so much for the first rate class you delivered today for DIG. I can honestly say that it ranks as one of the best classes we have offered to the public. I loved the 3 hour time module and the balance you created between the PowerPoint presentation and the 'hands on' workshop. I could tell the participants really appreciated the opportunity to work on a 'mini' tree. I, for one, can now say that I truly understand the different pruning cuts. I don't know why I have struggled with this, but today your presentation made it all crystal clear. Tomorrow I will begin to salvage some of my mistreated shrubs! As always, it was a pleasure working with you from my first contact with you to the end of your class. Your prompt and organized replies to my emails made my job a breeze. I know you are very busy with Integrity Tree Service, and it means a lot to me and others that you willingly and enthusiastically support the Desert Institute of Gardening." - Debbie W.

  • I just wanted you to know that the work was completed in a very satisfactory manner. Merrill, Alex and David R did a great job and were very courteous and customer oriented." - Annie H.

February 2018
  • "The guys did a very good job (as usual) Sergio, Sal, Josh and Rob. All Very professional. Thanks for being our 'tree guy'" Jerry R

  • "I appreciated how Integrity handled the entire job . . . including the couple of slip-ups. You all are a class act." Randy W

  • "Merrill, Alex, David R and Roy did a great job on the trees. They were nice, helpful, cleaned up well and basically exceeded her expectations. You are much better than other companies I've used in the past." Paula H

  • "Today we had Merrill, Alex & David R out to trim, thin and clean up our trees. We have used Integrity for 3 or 4 years and this is THE BEST team we have had out here. Great job guys! They went above and beyond and really did a stellar job on the trees and their clean-up was so good you would never know there were here. The crew was very professional and extremely polite. Great customer service! Thank you!" Callie V

  • "Did the work as promised and in a timely and safe manner. Clean up after the work was excellent. Great Team to work with." Bill S

January 2018
  • "The crew did a nice job today. They worked quickly, did a good job on clean up and are all around nice boys!" Art H

  • "Crew did an excellent job, very impressed." Carl  T

  • "The crew did great job!" Kevin P

  • "I had a very good experience with Integrity Tree Service. Prior to the actual work day, I met with Sarah the arborist on 12/19/17 to have her diagnose thinning of the leaf canopy of one of my African Sumacs. She was professional and courteous. The tree is very old and roots had become so entangled that some were being choked from receiving nutrients. It's a beautiful tree and I want to save it if possible and within monetary reason. Sarah recommended that her crew come out with an air spade to remove the soil around the roots so that they could be untangled and given more separation. Scott and Eric came out on 1/8/2018. Like Sarah, they were very friendly, courteous and professional. They worked on the tree for a few hours and did a fantastic job of cleaning up afterwards. They told me it will be a few months to see signs of improvement." Bruce C

December 2017
  • "Thanks much. Scott is always a pleasure to deal with - friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to his work." Karen S

  • "The crew was very complete and efficient." Jerry S

  • "I am extremely happy with the work and very, very nice guys." Serap A

  • "I just wanted to let you know that I am VERY pleased with both crews, Sal and Rob, then Bob and Wil, and both crews were very professional and very wonderful with their communication throughout the whole day, and the work was done very well." Gail K

  • "Integrity Tree Service is the best! We have used them for our commercial properties as well as our family's homes. They are experts at what they do and our trees have flourished into beautiful mature trees. They charge a fair price for their service. Best of all they show up on time and ready to get the job done!" Scott C

November 2017
  • "First class crew and service and Sarah was very, very helpful." Don L

  • "Merrill, David, Eric, and Alex (and Andy) were very polite and very professional. They did an outstanding job, and we really happy with how it opens up the backyard now, my trees were in desperate need of a 'haircut.' Additionally, everyone in the office has also been a pleasure to deal with." Howard K

  • "The crew was unbelievable, so professional, just truly outstanding and did amazing work on their trees. We are so pleased with the work. Also the crew did a fantastic job on clean-up. I was particularly impressed with the young man from Michigan (Merrill); he presented himself very well and was a great representative of our company. Also extend my thanks to Andy for being there as well." Linda K

  • "This is my 3rd rodeo and they are great as usual." Patrick C

  • "Integrity Tree Service trimmed a large eucalyptus tree in our yard. An arborist came by to evaluate how to best trim the tree to ensure it can withstand the monsoons while maintaining the best health of the tree. The crew who did the trimming and used the large crane was led by David. The team was professional, friendly, safe, and efficient. Great job!" Katherine C

  • "It could not have gone more smoothly! From Andy, who came initially to inspect the trees and give a detailed work order and pricing, to Merrill, David, Eric and Alex who were here and did a fabulous job. We could not be more happy and satisfied with Integrity Tree! They were prompt, listened to and addressed our questions and concerns, were absolute professionals in their craft plus cleaned up the yard over and above what we had expected. We will highly recommend them plus already have plans for their return to take care of a few more trees next year!" Diane M

September 2017
  • "Thank you. Trees look really great." Bob M

  • "Many thanks to the team for a job WELL done . . . we know how hard everyone works!" Lynne P

  • "We are very pleased with the crew that we had and the tree removal that was done. Looking forward to the next step that takes place on Oct. 20. Until then, continued success that Integrity Tree Service has enjoyed throughout the years." Gary B

  • "They were very professional and did a great job!" Kathy O

  • "I am a repeat customer over 6 years. All trees were trimmed as previously discussed. The crew is always very professional and clean-up is like no one here. They even clean the few items that fell in the pool. The Crew David C, Sergio, Austin, Mike, and Ronnie showed great teamwork to complete the job. Will definitely continue using Integrity Tree Service. I keep their info handy in my phone and when someone asks about a recommendation I give them the contact info." Arthur C

  • "We want to thank the four gentlemen from Integrity Tree Service who recently trimmed our two large mesquite trees. They were extremely polite, courteous, professional and thoughtful, not to mention they did a great job trimming the trees -- which now look wonderful. Thank you to Merrill, Will, David and Sergio." Carol G

August 2017
  • "I would like to thank Merrill, Will, David R and Eric on the work they did removing a tree at my residence. The whole process went so smoothly from estimate to removal. I was particularly impressed with the foreman. When they were done not a leaf or wood chip was left anywhere. Thank you again for a great job." Pete B.

  • "We have used Integrity Tree service for the past several years and have been very pleased. Highly recommend." Bob B.

  • "Yesterday Merrill and David R trimmed our sumac. They did a great job." Dana H.

  • "Andy as just terrific, he represents Integrity Tree Service really well!" William B.

  • "Merrill's crew did an awesome job, tree looks phenomenal. The crew was very polite and respectful." Sue M.

  • "They did a terrific job. You all acted promptly and it was obvious they knew what they were doing." Donald R.

July 2017
  • "Merrill was very professional, fantastic, impressive, wonderful person. He is tops." Betsy D

  • "The crew was awesome, so careful, courteous, just a terrific crew. I'm always appreciative of John's crews, but this crew was absolutely spectacular!" Sylvia G

  • "Again, the trees look great and the crew did a fantastic job. We'll call for services again next year." GayLynne R

  • "Scott & Eric are great employees, I enjoyed meeting them and am pleased with the work." Jennifer L

  • Cynthia T called to compliment Mike Logan's crew. She is ecstatic with the way her trees look. Crew very genuine and made the tree just look whimsical.

  • "Quite simply the BEST! I have been using Integrity Tree Service for years and have never had anything but stellar service. They are on time, professional and do a great job of cleaning up after themselves. And my trees will vouch for me - they are gorgeous and healthy! I highly recommend Integrity Tree! My team today included: Mike Logan, Chris, Ronnie, Mike Lawrence, Austin, Merrill, Will and David R. Great work guys and thank you SO much!" Peggy B

June 2017
  • "You have all been great to work with. The crew that came out on Friday was awesome." Kevin H.

  • "The crew did a great job and my yard looks beautiful." Stefanie L .

  • "They were professional, courteous and skilled at what they do, I could not be more impressed with the quality of work you provide. From the first call with Terrie, to Roy then Michelle, it's been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to using you more in the future." Jason, Azul-Verde

  • "Roy must be a very valuable employee, he is one of the best and the nicest guy!" Susan S.

  • "Sarah M is the arborist who has visited our property and shared her expertise with us. She is excellent and is the person we depend on to guide our trees to good health. The members of the crew who used the "air spade" to correct the "root girdling" on our two mesquites did a very good job on a very dusty task. We are seeing improved health on both trees. The crew of Merrill M, David C, Victor L, and David R just completed pruning and thinning 3 of our trees and did a very thorough and professional job. They were on time, worked diligently, consulted me before, during, and after completing their tasks and I'm sure did what was necessary to allow our trees to make it through any upcoming monsoon storms. I don't remember how many "professional, experienced tree trimmers" have worked on our trees during the 15 years we've lived in North Phoenix, but I have never been more pleased with the results or more confident that the job was done right. We've found a professional firm on which we can count. That says it all." Rob H.

  • "I had a crew at my house to grind a stump. They came in the time frame I was given, did their job quickly and completely. They removed all of the sawdust and filled in the hole with soil from my yard." Douglas H.

May 2017
  • "Integrity Tree Service does amazing work! I trusted their knowledgeable, certified arborists with my sweet acacia and am pleased with the results." Linda T.

  • "We use Integrity Tree Service - wonderful arborist John Eisenhower. They may have a minimum, though, so could be less affordable for a single tree. We just had them do all three of our huge trees." Kathy & Laird B.

  • "Compliments to the crew!" Dan K.

  • "The trees at my house & neighbor, Margaret Levit, look terrific. The guys did a great job." Marion M.

  • "Sergio, Marcos, David C, and Will did a great job. The clean-up was great. You have some good guys working for you." Nancy G.

  • "I use Integrity Tree Service and am extremely satisfied. They won't even put a diseased tree through their chopper to protect the environment from spores contaminating other trees or plants. They simply placed the dead tree in their dump trucks." Gary A.

  • "Your crew did some work for me today. Must say, Sergio is a dream to work with (actually all of your guys are) but he truly impressed me today! He is doing you Proud!" Cindy M.

  • "Integrity Tree Service is professional service with degreed arborists...absolutely the best in the business. We have used them for many years." Thomas and Maureen P.